I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving

by Prince Daddy & The Hyena

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u wanna hang out or somethin?


released September 23, 2016

Kornelious P. Jenkins - Vox / shredding
Cambo "Shitty Bastard" Hannaford - more shredding / but less Vox
Al Al Bean - Drums
Zakariya Von Clark Houacine Jr - Bass

Produced / recorded / whatever by Joe Reinhart @ The Headroom (Philly)
Mastered by Zach Weeks
Art and layout by Dave Sagan


all rights reserved



Prince Daddy & The Hyena Albany, New York

After surviving a cataclysmic event in way east kentucky, Prince Daddy & The Hyena formed an uncanny alliance in which they perform rad tunes for U!


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Track Name: I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
whenever i fall asleep i keep on waking up to the same goddamn dreams / its just me drowning with my arm, from the elbow up, reaching out for anything / like in ninja turtles 2 ; secret of the ooze / is it my friends with their t-break moves? or just a little bit less fast food? / when you decide to leave this bullshit for bullshit and nothing / if you forget about me, its alright, i understand i guess / id leave and forget if i had the chance / i still never got to the bottom of why you gave up / aint it kind of funny how the only thing thats never quite so mutual is me preaching perpetual while yr fullfilling ritual / im sorry to get technical but i find it acceptable / im moving on / theres something about my new stitched up thumb that makes its feel kind of funny calling it "moving on" / now that yr gone / we need something to mask the weed smell here / like a candle or fumes from the old space heater / whenever im freaking out i keep the thought of the cast of FRIENDS real close to my head / its not absurd to say that 10 goddamn seasons would be the longest friendship i'd ever have / and if ross and rachel last thn maybe this feeling too shall pass / but now you fuckers know im sad from all of these 20 minute intervaled claps / so when i decide to go illegally download my movies / i shouldnt have to take a breather / i really shouldnt get so mad / if the video and audio dont quite match
Track Name: I Forgot To Take My Meds Today
i forgot to take my meds today / i cant believe its only tuesday / figures it hit my on the highway / tht i forgot to take my meds today / i know i cant do fun things after work / because im too scared to smile and risk the effort / im sorry you dont feel loved right now / im having trouble pretending to be myself / i feel like I'm grounded in bubble gum when i try to move / I'm sinking in quick sand with one arm reaching out
Track Name: Clever Girl
i wish i was as tough as you, dude / i would be so cool / id be just as dumb but without the gut / I'm getting laid / i bet i can throw down harder, dude, if i dropped out of school / there'll be blood and shit running down my fists / I'm getting laid / // let someone else try dabbing it first / these douche bags and tough guys are the fucking worst / I'm biting my tongue n its starting to hurt / when this gets to me I'm diving in headfirst / I've got a problem with you and yr friends / i fucking hate you since you met all of them / I've got some free time that id rather spend / crossing off names in my hospital bed
Track Name: Nika's Got It Wrong
I know you want to go drink and fuck all night / but daddy knows how to kill it home and ripe / you know i rolled this to have some fun outside / but every corner theres coppers on their bikes / you go to parties and try to convince me / but somehow “not that rapeys” not convincing / they have maniacal and devious plans / involving freshmen girls too fucked up to dance / lets see, i spent the past few months lifted away from everyone / i got high and thought everything was alright / i guess i forgot about every aspect of my life
Track Name: Bromeo // Always Good
i like when you and yr squad come by / its a lonely couch and its only nine / i know yr tryna kill some time / sinking in this couch of mine / i could help pick yr clothes / i could deal with two thrones / i like when you and yr squad come by / but i really fucking hate goodbyes // its hitting curfew / take a walk on the beach, looking down, it kinda looks like the moon / have i told you? / pretend walks on the moon is something i wanna do with you /


I don't like it when you leave. If I find good show on tv, will you stay this close to me? Wait! If I call please pick up. It's probably nothin much. I just wanna hear you talk. Did I do anything to make you mad? if you leave now, what if you don't come back?
Track Name: Pop Song
pick up the phone / its no one ya know / they dialed the wrong number they said / but you wont let em go again / you caught me at a real bad time /// i'll text all my friends / from my silhouette / im probably stoned and all alone / just chillin on my royal thrown / im sorry if i dont text back / i messaged every single number i had /// and i know you can surf this too /// melt on the couch / drip to the ground / i know i swore id start to move / but that requires somethin to do / and i can think of nothing now / but me sitting here on this couch /// now the phones gonna die / i shouldnt reply / the chargers way across the room / i dont think it'll reach you dude / ya caught me at a real bad time, you caught me at a real bad time / and i know you can surf this too //// is it that hard to handle it getting dark at 5 o clock? / theres something about these covers that seem more thn enough / these christmas lights that line my room they make me feel so special / if it werent for them, all green and red, this shit wouldn't feel so gentle /
Track Name: Broc Ched
this screens a bore / theres no games and no porn / theres just a lot of grilled cheese and a bakery treat for just 99 cents / and all these old ppl piss me off / is that hard to think before you talk? / oh, you cant read the menu? / well i dont give a fuck / ive been here since noon / and im not leaving soon / watch, theyll ask me to close / ill agree and ill resume / the only way i get time off is by saying im in bands that im not / im sure i said it more thn enough, but please let me go on / if bill roles his eyes or gives me that mouth just one more time / ill shove my "gay jeans" so far up his ass / they'll align with his spine, but ill be just fine
Track Name: I Wish I Could Ctrl+Alt+Del My Life
no one told me that mono lasted past all the cold and snow / when the dr said no smoking kid, i hope he just meant cigarettes / i always wanna go "home" when I'm already home /i wish that i could control alt delete my life / i leave an imprint of my lazy ass in the couch like every night / i just eat and sleep my days away and look through my video games / and if i don't find something good to play / I'm moving out // i just feel like my life is looking a hell of a lot like / the final scenes in jurassic park 3 / its easy. so easy. it comes easy for me
Track Name: Hundo Pos
I'm happy now haha / I'm working on myself / haha think I'm moving out / I've got a ten now / nice natural eye brows / something to think about / i spend paychecks quick. no regrets / drugs and ice cream whips paying off debt / if i found someone to love me / would you start to love me to? / and if i found some fucking money / would you still pay for me and you? / a year and a half worth of checking my cell phone / a year and a half of the "loves me not" syndrome / a days worth of not doing anything at all is worth a million fucking bucks more than a phone call
Track Name: Bathtub
clearly / when you say I'm looking / healthy / you just mean I'm lacking / "sexy" / just say "your getting fat / and married" / i hope this ends like that /// just 3 more sweet words, hun ./ it takes 2 less to fall apart. / its 3:30 / AM, and I'm still up / dry heaving / over a measuring cup / most things / that go through my head get stuck circling
Track Name: Really?
i think I'm getting depressed again / i think I'm gonna lose all my friends / I'm tryna switch up my medicine / so i can be more of a gentleman / its just the more i sleep / the less i eat / and everything would matter just a little bit less / if a saved a couple pounds and just lost the rest / i guess i got too caught up in confidence to feel confident / i think I'm having a panic attack / i think im disappointing my dad / just stuff me into a duffle bag so i can feel all alone again/ whenever i fall asleep / i keep on havin the same damn dream / I'm sure you heard this already / but i don't ever want you to leave / i thought you didn't even like to leave? / and i know you can surf this too

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