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by Prince Daddy & The Hyena

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i dont really know if this is an ep or a demo, but its 6 of our songs and we kind of like it so maybe you will too!!! but probably not. yea, definitely not actually. <3 blaze it for us


released December 4, 2014

Kory - vocals / guitar
Cam - guitar / vocals
Alex - drums
Zakariya - bass

Megan - Vocals on I Wanna Die Soon
Steve - Vocals on Nika's Got It Wrong

recorded by the one and only Kevin Zeosky @ the infamous lounge of uncrustables



all rights reserved


Prince Daddy & The Hyena Albany, New York

After surviving a cataclysmic event in way east kentucky, Prince Daddy & The Hyena formed an uncanny alliance in which they perform rad tunes for U!


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Track Name: Brocker Cheddlie
this screens a bore / theres no games and no porn / theres just a lot of grilled cheese and a bakery treat for just 99 cents / and all these old ppl piss me off / is that hard to think before you talk? / oh, you cant read the menu? / well i dont give a fuck / ive been here since noon / and im not leaving soon / watch, theyll ask me to close / ill agree and ill resume / the only way i get time off is by saying im in bands that im not / im sure i said it more thn enough, but please let me go on / if bill roles his eyes or gives me that mouth just one more time / ill shove my "gay jeans" so far up his ass / they'll align with his spine, but ill be just fine
Track Name: Nika's Got It Wrong
i know you wanna go drink and fuck all night / but daddy knows how to kill it ; home and vipe / you know i rolled this to have some fun outside / but every corner theres coppers on their bikes / you go to parties and try to convince me / but somehow "not that rape-y"'s not convincing / they have maniacal and devious plans / involving freshman girls too fucked up to dance / lets see i spent the past few months / lifted away from everyone / i got high and thought everything was alright / i guess i forgot about every aspect of my life
Track Name: Quack Quack
why dont you stay home with me? / i got netflix and a bag of weed / we could order food and thn fall asleep / thn wake up to the doorbell ring / dont go to class youve had it all week / call into work you dont need money / i dont have responsibilities / so i get sad when you leave / maybe you can smoke in the room / maybe you can not use a sploof / i got this playstation for me and you / now lets play some star wars battlefront 2
Track Name: I Wanna Die Soon
i wanna die in the dead of the fall / i wanna die to the unions battle call / theres something poetic about dead bodies and dying ground / i feel so ecstatic about dying / this cemetery has a directory / and a map and a brochure / ok i think im ready / i know the earth recycles bodies but the plots are still there / i wanna die before the party gets too out of hand / i wanna die soon
Track Name: A Fast Song Called Sandy
we all got high / thn we got into a car crash/ and i didnt really think about it / aint it funny how that pig scum / was already right behind us? / thn we pulled onto the shoulder / thn i saw smoke lift from the motor / i got a little to excited / and thought these red eyes were something to confide in
Track Name: Vibe Train
i was vegan before you took me through mcdonalds drive through / how could i say no to 5 dollars for 20 nuggets? / i was straightedge one time but i was never that productive / i would see my family, but theyd just ask me scary questions / im coming back / but ill be leaving soon / my next panic attack / will surely be caused by you