Adult Summers

by Prince Daddy & The Hyena

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released October 21, 2015

Korneilious P Jenkins - Vox/Guitar
#Cambo - Guitar
Hardly Knew Yee - Bass
Al Al Bean - Drums

The World Citizen Party House people - hella gang vox

Recorded by Drew Tirella & Scoops Dardaris @ The World Citizen Party House


all rights reserved



Prince Daddy & The Hyena Albany, New York

After surviving a cataclysmic event in way east kentucky, Prince Daddy & The Hyena formed an uncanny alliance in which they perform rad tunes for U!


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Track Name: Adult Summers (PART 1)
you're going out to smoke a cigarette / im tryna block the sun thats peaking in / i never want this night to end / im never going home again

Im gonna try real hard to go to sleep / so i can wake up tonight with you next to me / the house said they got paid today / tonight we've got some hell to raise

(no ones gotta know that yr coming down now . you could go to sleep and youd be fine / stay weary of yr friends all asleep on the couch / theyre all fast asleep but you take yr time)

maybe its for the greater good / if its meant to be
it'll be. it'll be. it'll be. it'll be ...etc
Track Name: Adult Summers (PART 2)
fuck my phones goin off / i just wont tell him now / i cant handle the thought of him turning this music down / i get so stressed sometimes / it feels so nice to feel so fine

i wanna smoke smoke smoke
on the beach beach beach
i wanna fuck fuck fuck
up the police police police

i wana do weird drugs on my high school park / i wanna do drugs that i havent even heard of!!!!
Track Name: I'm A Bum
no ones ever gonna have to see me like this / no ones ever gonna have to see my sweatpants / i guess im lookin for a way to tell you "fuck you, im stayin in!!!!"

youve been tellin me that im so boring / ive been gettin drunk at 5 in the morning / youve been yellin at me with no warning / but im already lost in the drink j's pouring

(some nice lil oooooos)
Im a bum
im a fuckin bum

connors got his college friends / brians got his can of reds / and i got netflix / doms got good looks and hes skinny / gods not real and im not happy / and ive got man tits

Im a bum
im a fuckin bum
Track Name: Revenge Of The SpiderBees
months and months of back to school ads / weve got shit to do in august / i dont care if youve got shit planned / i plan on being abducted

or maybe you could come to me / but watch out for the spider bees / if we decide to box the porch / and talk how much we hate the earth

they were in the woods / behind yr parents house / we were half asleep / some crazy shit went down / i saw the stars align / the boys are right on time / i think i saw a light / but it broke my line of sight
Track Name: ***HIDDEN TRACK***
(hella group oos and aahs)

things are gonna change around here / when i get my head clear / not gonna smoke less weed / not gonna drink less beer / ill just try a little harder not to fall in love with every girl whose only interaction with me is eye contact or the way they say my name

im gonna write some new songs / im gonna finish old ones / if ive got enemies / ill fuck em all off / if i find the time ill write a big fucking book with a small fuckin font cuz i do what i want

hey / you had a long damn day at work / and you still got paid less thn dirt / you still got drugs ready to go / waiting for you when you get home / youve got a long long way to go / so lets show them who runs the show / i know you fucking told me so / but ive got nowhere else to go


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